Friday, March 27, 2009

I'm such a sucker for ebay

The hat was just too cute!

And it's vintage! (So they say.)

And it has netting! (Which I'll probably replace, but birdcage veils, unfortch, don't look good on me, despite my love for them-- but this lets me have a smidge!)

AND it comes with a vintage purse, all for the price of $33 including shipping!

And then I saw this:
For $0.99. And so I bid up to $5. Shipping is $10, so that's not awful, right? Except there was no description, except "please use text [which does not exist] and photos for description of flaws." I know, the proper thing to do is ask. Rather than spend up to $15. (Sigh) But how *cute* again, would that be? And then I wouldn't have to figure out what seamstress won't overcharge me for altering my wedding dress from floor length to tea length, and hope to goodness that I don't screw up that lace business when I try to make a bolero for myself.

Although that last part seemed fun.


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