Thursday, April 09, 2009

BC 13: Different BM dress materials

Ahh, a much better pic, I think, illustrating the fabulousness that is dresses of different materials in the same color! Well, perhaps not the same exact color, at least in this photo, but still -- Yours will be *gorgeous* :)!

PS - I realize I'm beginning to post lots of things that simply support your decisions -- but I think that's a good thing! I've been reading on some other blogs how some brides just keep searching searching searching and reading reading reading all these wedding blogs, too close to the final day, and they begin to doubt themselves. So I hope by posting all these supportive posts that sort of illustrate what you have in mind, you maintain your confidence in your decisions, because your wedding, I *know* is going to be fabulous! And as everybody says, and is *so* true: the most important thing is that everyone is there to celebrate *YOU* and *M* and your *obvious* love (and fun! I think you guys are loads of fun :) ) And I know we're all so detail-oriented + all -- but no matter what, your day is going to be amazing + gorgeous. I mean, didn't each of us write "style icon" or something in your 30th Book, and how you're all of our fashion inspiration? So you clearly have *incredible* style. Anyway. Hope this helps -- the future posts of positive affirmation :D, and this not-mini-explanation :D

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