Thursday, April 09, 2009

last post, then WORK!

Maybe b/c I'm in such a fabulous mood, every blog I check is looking fabulous today :D Or maybe the world is all in sync ;)

But *these* photos make me feel great.

Hmm, somewhat related to my post a bit ago on posting these fabulously out-of-reach shoes and fashion items -- Looking at beautiful home photos (with perfect furniture + color + arrangement) totally inspires me. But also kind of, just a bit, makes me feel a little overwhelmed, b/c how the heck am I going to achieve that?

But these photos are the *home* of an *artist*! And maybe the style isn't exactly me, and yes, it looks soo simple. But what I love most -- other than the airyness + fun punches of color, but really love the most -- is that it looks so real. Like, I could walk right in + sit down. And you know someone works here. Like does real work. I mean, maybe fun crafting, but can get some sh** done, you know?

Now *that's* inspiration.

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