Monday, April 06, 2009

Cute wedding flats -- PAYLESS!

So, I was cruising through The Container Store with Jess post-marathon (she had to walk around!), and she mentioned that she always loves the shoes that TCS displays in their closet displays -- and YES, there is this *adorable* hot pink satin flat with ruching (sp?) by Predictions. And I was thinking -- isn't that a budget line, like Target or Walmart or Payless?

So of course I look it up this morning -- and google isn't immediately helpful, so I head over to the Payless site -- and they *do* carry Predictions! Not the flat I'm looking for, unfortch -- but then I expand to all styles of flats -- WHOA! SO CUTE! Some on sale for $12.99, but most between $17.99 and $24.99! Horrible as this sounds, I don't want to pay $24.99 at Payless, but $17.99 meets my pricepoint :D

Check these out (sorry they're so wedding focused, it's just so hard to find wedding flats, in my opinion, that aren't $60+ and hideous -- and if anyone should stumble upon these that are in need -- hey, I'd have loved a post like this)!

American Eagle for Payless "Keysha"

American Eagle for Payless "Cara" (!)

American Eagle for Payless "Keysha"

Airwalk for Payless: Cat Tattoo
(very RocknRoll Bride, in my opinion, hee)

American Eagle for Payless "Carley"
(ignore the hideous black + white striped sole, in my opinion)

American Eagle for Payless "Millie"

Lela Rose for Payless "Bennett"

zoe + zac for Payless "Snapdragon"

Payless "Bloom" satin ballet

American Eagle for Payless "Cherish" (my fave!)

So, I'm not gonna lie: my hubby is short. Like, 5'4", and I am 5'2 7/8" (maybe a smidge less) -- I have zero problem wearing heels out with him, but man, no on the ceremony. (When we got married in Vegas, we had somehow not measured correctly, and his boots were *not* taller than my heels, and with my giant hair, I was a couple inches bigger. Yes, bigger. Not gonna happen this second time around at the church.)

But if I didn't care, I would *so* go for these, with a pretty rhinestone clip, for sures:
Payless "Klark" -- $12.99! How the heck do you beat that?? You don't.

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