Monday, April 06, 2009

Oh jeebus.

The hubs + I talked about my upcoming high school reunion, for the umpteenth time. Gosh darn, but my best friend was the third person to tell me that her decision to go hinged on me going. Wtf, people -- and all my post-grad friends are excited about their reunions but none of them are planned yet, my hubby wants to go to mine (b/c of how many people he knows).

I am just so not excited. Like, akin to dreading. There's a couple people I want to avoid (kinda creepy attachment developed, that was unfortunate), the cool guys that all my friends + i lusted after + their parties i was later invited to in college but still avoided b/c of how awkward i was...

Why the heck do people go to these things? How come it's not enough to be happy with keeping in touch with who you keep in touch with? Are you seriously going to make friends you missed out on? I'm pretty happy with the bunch I've got now (though I'm sure all of you, if you're out there, are lovely, and it would be fun to meet you -- clearly, else I wouldn't be writing this :D)

Egads, did I just contradict my line of thinking? Crapola.

Well, it's not til July. And as my hubs said, we should get on this fitness track if there's even a slight possibility, which there hadn't been until LAST NIGHT.


In better news - Danica McKellar got married! I still think she's gorgeous :D, and looks like she'd be the *nicest* friend -- hee. Ahh, Wonder Years. Whatever happened to Fred Savage, after that newer tv sitcom kind of, well, failed?

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