Friday, April 03, 2009

Headband instead..?

So, I got my hat -- *love* it.

But alas, it does not love me.

I sent photos of me in the hat to a couple good friends who should tell me straight -- I mean, it's in *terrific* condition. But I think it's too big for me :( It's larger in the front than the back, just a smidge, like those newsboy hats from, um, years ago? Well, I guess they're coming back, but you know what I mean. Like these:
(hee, might as well feature some good looking models for the hat! US Magazine, Peter Taylor/Getty Images; James Devaney/, respectively)

And my hat's more Brad than George. Except... rounder on the sides? As in, ringing my head sort of halo-esque?

So I was a smidge bummed tonight, but then I saw Mara from The Wedding Cabaret posted these pics of this beautiful + fun looking short-haired bride -- shorter hair than mine, but I love her hair!
And so she totally has me re-thinking headbands again...


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