Monday, May 18, 2009

Awesome: DIY Dress form!

So. I have been thinking I need a new hobby. I started this so that I could have a place to dump all these pretty things I kept wanting to note on my quick breaks at work. Except it's so addicting, I find myself working & looking for things late at night.

But I've found myself leaning towards wanting to learn to sew. Like, properly sew. So I can quit hunting for the impossible: vintage dresses that fit. And instead, make my own, like this:

Or turning this{PorchesPlace}

..... into this!

But I think I need a dress form. And I tried researching -- but "cheap" ones are $200+! Or craigslist for $80, but I'm a weird size, so how do I know which one to get?

Enter save-the-day etsylabs!
Or here for another duct-tape dress form, or the main article, linking to 3 other methods you can use to make your own dress form! NUTS! But I love it -- not sure how well this is going to work, but it's not like I'm going to professionally go into this. And maybe if I tinker around for a bit + love it, then I'll invest in a proper dress form and expand my (as-of-yet-nonexistent) etsy shop! But my ultimate goal would be able to me-size a too-teeny pattern, like this otherwise perfect one:


I mean, who's got a bust size of 32! Seriously. Boo. But that illusion neckline, and that full (lace!!) overskirt, and plus a slim silhouette option? One of these days. And hopefully these vintage patterns will still be findable... Unless, of course, everyone hops on this bandwagon. I do see, on the one hand, maybe nobody's using these vintage patterns. And of course the poms are cute. But part of me is a little horrified that perhaps the one pattern that might could fit me is now a pom. But realistically, I'm probably not getting to that pattern that another person grabs, anyway. Right.

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