Monday, May 18, 2009

My weekend...





to catch the spectacular


(and I've never even seen an episode of Star Trek. Still rocked).


  • Pumps: $6.99*
  • Sweater sleeves as leg warmers: $3.99*
  • Belt: $1.99*
  • Denim mini: $4.99*
  • Authentic 80's ruffled shirt: $12.99
  • Gigantic red plastic earrings: $2.99
  • Sheer purple ruffled shirt (not worn, but purchased all the same): $3.99
  • Denim vest: $2.99
  • Pale pink polka dotted tights: don't recall
  • Rockin outfit for the Saturday night 80's party: Priceless

*Denotes items I used for some previous 80's parties, so cost should really be less, in my opinion. But what fun is it to keep re-wearing the same entire outfit? Next 80s party goal: the mesh shirt + black crinoline + lots of plastic/jelly bracelets + black tights for the madonna look. And scrunchies.
    And THEN....


Ahh, good weekend.

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