Sunday, May 17, 2009


So, LuckyMe! hosted a Polyvore contest to win this necklace + ring "set" from Forever 21. And okay, yes, I know I could easily run out + buy these -- but come on! (1) Polyvore, and (2) contest. You know I was all over this.

We could only send in one. And the last time I tried a polyvore contest (which started this whole obsession), I only created the one board [and did not win, surprise, but it was my first!! go me! I'm so not modest, I know -- but I think that's another discussion.*]

But here, I figured to try several...

(and with a different set of shoes)

Since the contest hostess had suggested the set could be great for a shower or rehearsal,
i thought I'd aim for dressy/wedding-ish. Except I really liked the jeans in the first set. And that was the hubs' pick. He says he just super hates that grey + yellow dress, which I clearly couldn't let go (sooo cute!), but I did super heart the jeans set... so, in that went as my entry! Hopefully y'all agree?

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