Tuesday, May 12, 2009



Oh. My. Word.

So, for my hubby's 30th bday, I wanted to send cards/an email to be printed on a card to his friends + family, asking them to write in their fave M joke/story -- especially b/c I just heard this totally new story from a co-worker of his, from when he was 6 years old. Something to do with visiting Kit of Nightrider (Knightrider?) at Disney World.

Anyway, I was kinda worried about how to illustrate his favorite joke (he loves telling jokes, and his humor is probably The thing that got me). And one of my friends shared with me the contact info of the artist who drew her un-bridesmaids notecards. These notecards were AWESOME -- mine was an adorable bunny holding a muffin tin. PERFECT. And each set was specialized for every girl! Freakin awesome. But I didn't know (or remember, I guess) that she had someone do all of these for us.

Enter Frippy. I was a shade worried b/c all of her etsy items are bunnies -- and my joke did not involve bunnies.

But she just sent me the artwork she drew up, per the uber-rambly description I sent her -- AND IT IS PERFECT! AND ADORABLE! AND AWESOME! I would share, but sorry, I know there's crafty ways around mages that are protected from being downloaded, and it's too fabulous for anyone to use without J being compensated (other than my already-permitted use). But if this changes, I'll let you know. eeeeee, so excited!!!

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