Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Dreamy {Belle Maison}

Oh, Belle Maison, this is fabulous.

I. so. want that.

Okay, or this.

But I've always wanted a purple room.

But isn't this so freaking cozy + posh at the same time?

I just need a mansion, that's all. And a fortune to recreate all these things. Or just the mansion, and then invite HGTV over for that show they (used to?) do, recreating a designer room at a fraction of the cost. Remember, they used to do a side-by-side comparison at the end, and sometimes it was fabulous, and sometimes it was kinda a big fail? Well, when I get that mansion, here's to hoping these rooms would be in the fabulous category.

Photo Credits: Country Living; Living Etc.; House to Home; Ideal Home

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