Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Clarity, a bit

Dear fabulous boss: I'm sorry I tried to make you sit next to me when maybe that would have likely heightened perhaps some awkwardness, considering this meeting was held by the person instated into this position, rather than you. But I hope this get-together was as clarifying to you as it was to me, as to what on earth our uber-boss was thinking when he passed you over for this position. It's not, I don't believe, like I thought before -- I mean, there's no contesting your experience in our part of the division vastly outweighs New Person's. But, at the same time, I don't think it's possible that you could have brought to the table what Uber-Boss was likely thinking -- that is, experience from the Other Side. And that experience, necessary for, well, homogenizing our Side to the Other. And I say this in most hopeful light possible, giving UB the benefit of the doubt, and believing he is striving for true unity of our whole division, unlike the attempt before in name only -- and of course unity would be to shift our side to Other, since he's really only familiar with Other, too.

So, perhaps I'm overly optimistic in choosing to believe this, and choosing this signifies he'll be treating both sides equally -- no more favoring Other Side where New Person came from. Perhaps I'm being naive, or plain wrong. But maybe, if you see things like I do, it won't suck as much that you're not where, we agree, you should be. Vision -- man, who'd have thought that perspective really does make a difference? Long-term goals, versus deserving a certain place... sometimes, I feel so young.

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