Monday, May 11, 2009

I so love party themes {The Finer Things}

So, the Sprinkle got shot down. I'm okay with that. But Bee, if you come back to Texas and there's a way I can swing it, this is so going to happen. Minus this preface: "After all, aren't first children always the apple of their parents' eyes..."


But I'll admit, in a way, that makes the theme all the more perfect! And, in full disclosure, it does end with "(at least until baby #2 arrives)!" Or, in Y's case, until baby #3!

Apple tree invitation by Robyn Miller Design --; Handmade apple booties; Green apple sorbet for dessert -- BBC Good Food; Apple return address labels for invitation envelopes --; Apple of my eye sleeper set --; Blue apple and pear bib -- Etsy seller Sheppard Girls; Green apple centerpiece -- Budget Bride

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