Monday, May 11, 2009

Esprit d'escalade ... but shopping

So, one of my professors talked about this french saying (I'm too lazy to look up spelling*): esprit d'escalade -- "spirit of the staircase." It's that feeling you have when, say, you're walking down a staircase after departing a party, and go, "Doh! I should have said that!" as a belated repartee strikes you. Happens to me *all* the time. Witty on my feet, I am not.

Well, in this case, I'm going, "Doh! I should have bought that!"

And "that" would be this:{@ Thrush}

Cute, right? But it had this weird flap of lace in the front, centered, right below the bust, running the length of the dress. Very circa-the-time-period, whatever that might be. (Hey, I'm new to vintage dress shopping! but I've seen lots of dresses like that...) And it was $75. And okay, I didn't think I'd fit into it easily -- verrry close, but every online vintage store has gigantic warnings that basically say, "HEY! These measurements are of the DRESS and NOT you, so factor that into your shopping!" And, I mean, I have goals and all, but I don't know, an inch makes all the difference in the bust area!

A-hem. Anyway. While I sat on it (spied last Tuesday night @ 10p), someone snatched it up (by last Wednesday at 5p). (And I'm still thinking about it, yes.)

Boo. I mean, good, right? But man. That neckline is exactly what I want for lace + boatshaped + sheer w/ the strapless lining underneath... But is it a pretty blue? A blue gray? More gray than blue? And this convalidation ceremony is most definitely on hold + not happening next year.

Ah, esprit d'escalade (however you spell that. and for shopping.)

*And actually, I did try googling, but it didn't come up. I guess I am that off with the spelling. Oh well.

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