Monday, May 11, 2009

Lunching In, Part 1

So. I heart food. And I heart writing. So man, writing about food is totally up there on my list. I try to review elsewhere other than here -- but I'm trying a new venture: frozen entrees! I know, glamourous. But between supporting my habit (these AMAZING DELICIOUS sandwiches:
I just couldn't justify the expense (amazingly cheap @ $4 in comparison to other downtown ventures, but still, that's $20 a week!) or, more importantly, the artery-clogging factor of the goodness that is cheese + bacon (okay, + mayo).

And so I tried to break the habit with grocery trips to buy ingredients to cook my lunch/leftovers. Nope, that didn't work.

So, enter the ultimate ease:

I know, sodium levels are atrocious. But I tell myself -- hmm, 21% sodium? If I balance that with low sodium elsewhere (I do decent breakfasts + hmm on the dinners), hopefully not too bad?

But as I was munching my way through the above (yep, Lemon Herb Chicken Piccata!), I found myself thinking in reviewer mode -- and I thought, "Why not?" Since if I like some of these, I'll want to remember -- and since I'm just starting on this trend (growing up, we didn't do these tv dinners, so I've avoided this for as much as possible), there's tons for me to go through.

So -- my thoughts? Sauce was delicious. Lemony, almost reminiscent of a Chinese entree in thickness + flavor, so that's bonus points in my book! The chicken itself was... soft. I should say "tender," but ... tender sounds like a good thing. And it wasn't "mushy," cuz that's clearly bad. It was like sitting in the shade of tender, rather than being bad (mush) or good (tender). (And I'll just hope this makes sense to me later.) The rice -- wow. I mean, the actual rice grains were what I'd expect frozen rice to taste like: plain, a bit wet but still separate. But the green beans (almost julienned in style? a little thinner?) and slices of carrots -- totally had me thinking I was *so* much better off with this than my paltry lettuce on the above heaven-on-earth-sandwich pictured above.

Of course, tiny portion, but -- that's a good thing. I remember my sister talking about the portions of fast food from American McD's versus those in the Philippines -- and how in the PH, the portions really do satisfy you. But here, it's like giganti-sized (without any supersizing at all) -- just b/c we're used to "value" for our money. When maybe if we'd thought of health, and could scale down $ (or be happy that we're satisfying our hunger, rather than going over that), then we'd probably be better off.

Anyway. I'm excited about pasta dishes, hee, so I got this one of the way. But this could definitely re-enter the rotation. Not uber-excited about it, but really enjoyed it all the same. 'Ray.

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