Friday, May 01, 2009

How I really started my morning

And I sucked 2 of my co-workers into a discussion, trying to figure out which Meg Ryan film I was thinking about as I rode up the elevator. (Any takers? It's the one where she falls in love with the guy who invented the elevator, and he's fallen through a time portal discovered by her brother or gay friend or something, when the guy followed the brother/friend for some reason.... And Meg + the bro/friend live in NY in a beautiful highrise condo, and elevator-inventor is astounded by all the tall buildings, and picking up dogpoop on sidewalks, and taxis, of course. Meg thinks the elevator-inventor is crazy, but somehow falls in love with him anyway -- but the portal is closing + he has to get back, and she has to choose whether to stay + or follow him back ... Please tell me I am not the only one who has watched this movie.)

Anyway, we then digressed into movie guess after movie guess, each incorrect b/c the other one of us knew the actual plot line of the movie title suggested -- At any rate, it was a terrific way to start the morning here at work. I think we should do this again. L suggested we do this over happy hour, and K asked L where her stash was so that we could just add it to our coffee cups. But then we all remembered there's a liquor store across the street from us, but too bad it doesn't open til noon.

Don't you wish your office was like this? I heart working here.

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Abbie said...

It's Kate & Leopold!

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