Friday, May 01, 2009

Morning Tea Party

Not sure if you've seen The City Sage's Houseguest "series," but it cracks me up, I love it! In that spirit -- let's get to know each other & have morning tea, shall we?

I know I should serve you in my finest -- this set is just so delightful and almost a smidge over-the-top, I thought it was perfect for our first tea time! (We're going to ignore that proper tea is served in the early (late?) afternoon, I think...)

Woke up on the cheery side of bed this morning? Me too! So how about some loving thoughts....

Hmm, did some of us not wake up on the right side of the bed? No worries, I've got just the morning cup for you...
Dainty, you're wanting? Perfect thing!
And for those wanting a bit less fluff at our tea party....

Of course I think we should serve these delicious scones

on bright cheery platters...

But what kind of hostess would I be if you didn't have your own individual plate? But why stop at plates, when we could have delightful miniature individual stands ...?

(um, mine is so pretty, I had to share it twice!)

1. KymminNC 2, 9, 12. VesselsandWares 3. Vandalized Vintage 4. Talk Vintage to Me 5. Do Not Destroy 6. Sarah Heartley 7. Jeff Campana 8. StudioElan 10, 11. EstherCoombs

And you insist on proper attire? I must agree. So here are some spare toppers and boas*, in case yours are at the cleaners.

*Okay, by "boas" I really meant feather earrings. B/c boas just get in your teacup, and it gets messy... but feather earrings, ahh, that's fabulous.

And one last hat, because it was too fab to squeeze into the collage above..

Cheers to a fabulous start to our day!

Collage, starting upper left and moving clockwise in a spiral ending in the multiple hats:
WhiteApple. Courtmeleon earrings. Austie hat + birdcage veil.
Courtmeleon earrings. RR Custom Hat Design butterfly topper. Anna Shoub The Hat Junkie (florals + sage + multiple hats). Rosemonzyk's solo black wide-brim hat w/ netting + feathers. earrings.

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