Saturday, June 13, 2009

Amazing photography

So, I know we've all seen this wedding & all shot by Josh Goleman, but I can't help it.

I love that the photos look like they were taken by a guest, like someone enjoying themselves -- at least, that's the vibe I first got on the page -- it's like a whole new perspective. I mean, I am all for *all* the amazing awesome photos of people having fun. But to look like a guest's photos (except with *amazing* clarity + great [insert photospeak])? Josh's photos have this whole different/real being there vibe, not just observe + capture -- like actual journalism, not just a "photojournalic approach," I feel.

And then, contra guest-vibe, enter the photo below --check out that lighting in the background.

What, are you kidding me? Can I take photos like this when I'm a guest at a wedding?

And this whole other set of lights, and the whole span of the crowd.... I mean, I know this has been done before, and photographers often get down low to shoot up at an angle to capture certain shots, but this is just... amazing to me. (I know, I wish my vocab would grow up, too.)

And okay, I'm not gonna lie, I love this girl's outfit + can only wish I could pull something like this off.

All photos (c) Josh Goleman, feat. on rocknroll bride + spotted by snippet & ink

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