Saturday, June 13, 2009

BC 20: Billy buttons

T. I know it has been ages since my last post for you, I promised you last time that I would phase out these posts.

But I am pretty sure you mentioned billy buttons at your florist's meeting that you kindly allowed me to attend -- and I'd said I'd never seen them before.

Wow. Green Wedding Shoes rocked [i want to say "the hizouse," but wow, i really think that's a stretch for me to get away with] it on her bb post. No wonder you love these things! These are gonna be sooo cute!

And seriously. I think I've fallen in love with succulents. Which, before like 8 mos ago, I thought was an improper pluralization of an adjective's synoynm for "yummy, juicy/moist meat." Oh, blogworld, how you have broadened my horizons.

And I think these bouts + that spotted feather (guinea?) would be *fabulous*!

{Green Wedding Shoes, feat. dellables, erin hearts court photo* - florals by la partie events, blue bouquet, janie medley vis the brides cafe }

*Holy cow, I had no idea these (*)-cuties were from the wedding of Kelly of yes, please! Here's a link to full coverage of their adorable wedding @ Once Wed + a slideshow put together by their photographers erinheartscourt!

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