Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Must. See.

I'm not gonna lie. As much as I like to think I am a generous person, I know that---if I really wanted to win a giveaway, and if it involved competing with others---I probably wouldn't share with you guys. I mean, that's if I really thought I stood a chance to win, and the more people that entered it, the less chances I stood at getting it. Well, unless it was a super super super contest. (Like, please tell me y'all have heard of the Bright Side Project? If not, scope them out!

I haven't had much success, but some of those answers the entrants give, I can see why :D)

But anyway -- example of both (a) a super super super contest and (b) other people entering have no effect on my chances: convo* etsy seller Rachelle D for the chance to win a necklace of hers! I think they're *so* darling! I already convo'd her, and I'm thinking I convo'd her too soon -- my co-worker just won! What a rockfest! So I'm thinking I'm living vicariously through her -- unless one of you guys win!

My faves:

*I'm thinking this means you have to have an etsy account, to convo RachelleD. And, if you ever think you might sell your super crafty things on etsy, choose your name wisely. just sayin.

PS. I am not doing so hot on not blogging. Quite terribly, actually. But I've opened up a whole new notebook on googlenotebook to clip everything I want to keep for myself before they disappear in blog-land/online. So far, i've got 12 things. And that's from just 3 hours ago. Help.

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