Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Un-Dye-ing love for pretty things

I seriously heart Elizabeth Dye. In the least creepy way possible. But I saw this one post this weekend that reminded me of a post I thought was hers [will share those later], and so was "thumbing" through her blog.

And remembered why I began following it in the first place. such. pretty. things.

Perhaps if I ever get to visit Portland I'll pop into her shop. Huh, maybe people don't just pop into custom-designers shops, though? because I'm pretty sure she only does custom work. So... uber-creepy to just walk in, right? Well, if we do ever end up making it over there, then I'm definitely coming over with a project in mind. THEN I could have TWO trips! whoo!

Reasons for this enchantment:
  • And this treat was a 30th birthday frock! Seriously, I just think "yums."
  • This delight was born of the dress worn by the bride's mother -- Dye's short description is hilarious. But seriously -- love the lace detailing.
  • And this: Spectacular. And hello, partially my namesake? Fate, of course.

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