Sunday, June 14, 2009


Here is where you must go. And here for a cute perspective. I'm sure this is old news, but I just keep going back, and loving everything.

Oh, and here too. Yes, I ignored the video link, too, the first time -- but you can't.

As in, I will break up that contractual and say you cannot miss it.

Um, make sure you're not at work, or at least it'll be okay if you listen to the video, b/c dude -- to spoil it, it pays awesome homage to the Fresh Prince of Bel Aire. Now you have to watch it, right?*

What a friggin cute couple. I mean, I know the pics (just the teasers I'd seen, not even the full set) were nothing but literal jaw-dropped-laughter the entire series, but seriously. Awesome.

*Okay, yes, for those of you not inclined to click on the link, here's the video. Hee.

Fresh Hubby of LA from Digital Princess Productions on Vimeo.

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