Saturday, June 13, 2009

Oh no {LMN}

I'm hoping none of you actually know what I'm talking about. But um I've just discovered LMN -- yes, that's the Lifetime Movie Network. Apparently we've got a bunch of cable channels I've never discovered til, well, now -- or is LMN the same as Lifetime?

I have avoided Lifetime like nobody's business -- cheesy acting, suuuper cheesy movie themes... Well, I did like the movie I saw that had Maggie Seaver Joanna Kerns from Growing Pains on Lifetime that I caught.

Anyway. I have been sucked into this movie 7 Things to Do before I'm 30.

And I think I love it. egads. But seriously -- it's like reading one of those terribly cliche chick lit books that's like listening to a friend -- cringe-worthy but amazing at the same times. I love it.

Please tell me (1) someone out there knows what I'm talking about (and in which case I apologize for insulting you with my intro) and (2) loves this movie too! Who is this actress? I love how the character seems so real! Well, some stuff seems totally scripted. But whatevs -- I could *totally* see some of that stuff coming, and *what* is going on with Michael?? I'm halfway through the movie and had to take a blog break -- hee! That brother business is *hilarious* -- ee, back on! Catch it somehow if you haven't!

**Update: oh jeebus, i bawled when Lori was reading Michael's list. (sigh)

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