Tuesday, June 23, 2009

some justification...?

i know i should just accept that i super heart weddings. but it just seems really weird -- to me, to my co-workers, to my friends :D -- right? Unless I'm supposed to be a wedding planner and not an appellate attorney. But I am pretty sure I'd rather be dealing with stress-by-writing than stress-y brides + family. Minus the super bonus that, if you rock at wedding planning + soothing high emotions + get the fabulous easy-going bride that loves everything you do :D, you *get to help people throw one of the biggest celebrations of love they'll ever have in their life!*


But I was just reading this. And holy be-jeebus. Am I super cheap? My dress + alterations + bustle + petticoat came in at a whopping $410.* I didn't think I was being cheap -- I really liked it. And I still look at photos and simultaneously want to chop off the hem + make it tea length so I can more realistically wear it (where? i don't know, but you have to agree it's a lot more realistic than full length!), and also want to keep it just the way it is. So, you know, when we renew our vows somewhere, I've got that option. Um, yes.

(Sigh) Maybe my wedding-love is just that I can't figure out where else you can wear satin all day, or lace, or lots of tulle. And I'm really a princess/ballerina inside. And white all day, too, is tricky -- or ivory, I feel like bridal is ivory to me, it's soooo pretty; white you can rock out a beautiful fun white cocktail dress, right? Seems like when I went to New Orleans all these young kids were rocking all these gorgeous short white dresses -- cuuuute!

A-hem. (Can you tell I have major deadlines coming up? sigh)

Oh, and ps: i want these shoes, Mrs. Green Tea. Okay, and who am I kidding, all those other cute red ones you posted, too.

*Okay, and one of my friends just pointed out that (perhaps) wedding dress prices have risen since, oh, 4 years ago. Maybe. I did rock the David's Bridal $99 sale (clearly my dress wasn't $99), too. I don't know, spending $$$ on a dress sounds fun. Hee. Too bad I missed out! But I'm guessing my hubs is pretty glad we could put that extra $600+ to, say, three-card poker :D

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Dubbs said...

thx for the shout-out, i heart my shoes too! it was important to me that i could rewear them, which i already have (to work, no less), and will probably be wearing it as MOH at my MOH's wedding :)

you are NOT super cheap on the dress, i would have spent much less if the cost of my dress didn't go towards a good cause. i even DIY my own bustle. if it works for you, my dear, rock it!

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