Monday, July 13, 2009

Esprit d'escalade... part deux

Okay, it's happened again. Tell me I didn't want this.

It's just sooo precious! And perfect for... I don't know. Okay, yes I do, for a cute number that is so church appropriate + still could be re-worn. And *in*my*size. But at $125 -- yes, fabulous for vintage (and *my*size, did I say that?), but not in the budget. Not until Wed (payday), anyway. I saw it Fri. Le sigh.

And then there's these, but luckily they're not in my size :) And I'm not sure about the scuff marks on the heels, but cute still!

Etsy seller DearGoldenVintage


Annie @ MarryYouMe said...

This is adorable! My MIL had an open house style reception for us in her hometown a few weeks after our wedding, and I really wanted to wear a vintage style wedding suit to it! Both my grandmothers were married in adorable suits...

Thanks for your kind words on my blog!

Annie @ MarryYouMe said...

Hi again Cara - that's so funny! I want to do a vow renewal IN Vegas and wear a short vintagey dress, probably by Dolly Couture! I am headed there next week and plan to check out the wedding salon at the Wynn, and I even thought of using the pictures as promotional items for my wedding/event planning business! Then it can be somewhat of a write off too... :)

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