Monday, July 13, 2009

I just want to curl up with a good book

Man. This is one tough month at work. Even tougher because my boss team leader has a bunch of deadlines she has to meet too, and her second has been + will be out for various (good) reasons, plus has tough deadlines to meet too. I mean, yes, we've all got deadlines, but usually they're extendable. Until, well, we've maxed them out, or they're in a higher court. And that's where all of us are right now.

But if I could just indulge, I would snag that chaise above + just rest. Um, even though I've been off since last Wednesday on the river. But man, being *thrown* back into this -- egads.

And I was possibly going to drive a few hours to see my lovely friend Bee while she's in the state, visiting from California -- yesterday, after the family reunion, and then drive into work today straight from her place. But then I was selfish + decided to rest up (I know, rest up from vacay?) so I could gear up for today. I'm sad I missed her + my other friend Kay, who made the drive from another city several hours away -- But frankly, I think my company would not have been as fabulous as they both deserve, and today-- well, I'd probably be more miserable than I am. Which is pretty crappy at the moment -- kinda one of those sinking-in-the-chest (yes, chest, not stomach) feelings, boo.

But yes. Beautiful chair in the tiny office would be lovely. And I imagine a phone call later tonight, I might make, if I won't be terrible phone-company either. Sorry, friends! You know I heart you, but being up sometimes is ... just a bit hard. But holy jeebus, (I suppose in a completely materialistic way) these Horchow furnishings are quite the uplifters (and me, figuring out how to get them in jpegs, yea!)

[Too luxurious and princess-evoking to stay un-delighted]

[Too cheery to see above]

[Princessy + casual luxe]

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Rachel Follett said...

Love that chaise chair! Looks so comfy and perfect for reading a book or talking to a therapist. :)

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