Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Surprise: I'm on a sand volleyball team. It's a bunch of friends, and everyone's pretty good, but we're no pros. Well, one guy maybe could be. And another guy is definitely working his way up there. But with our average height as maybe 5'4" (excluding the outlier could-be-pro), really, we mostly excel when we work well together.
And frankly, it's beautiful.
See, I've noticed that my insecurities on the court seem to compound when life off of the court is, say, not filling me with confidence.
Enter yesterday. Ugh. I was dreading our game (we've got late games on Mondays), b/c the past couple of weeks I've been *terrible* because I've been stressed for work, bleeding into the game.
But last night -- I don't know, it was incredible. I did great. We all did great :D And this time, when everone told me I did great, I really believed it.
I hope all of you have something that just kicks your butt to sunshine -- does that make sense? Just something that completely picks you up when you least expect it. And a fabulous team that makes you feel amazing. Win or lose.

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