Friday, July 17, 2009

{Heart of Light}

So. This week has been nuts, to say the least.

I don't mean to get into a religious discussion or anything. But honest-to-goodness, it's days like yesterday and today that make me Believe.

Granted, the crap + stress that I've discussed + not discussed here is minor, I realize, in comparison to the woes of the world. But sometimes, you just can't buoy yourself up by telling yourself that other people have it worse out there. Sometimes, you have a pity-party that explodes, right?

And then.

Small great things happen. Like comments here + friends' emails and calls and dinner + gorgeous weather + magical one-spot-open-on-the-day-I-need-some-hair-and-head-massage-magic + *HILARIOUS* morning show on my drive in to work today. (Especially that last one being so unexpected -- seriously, laughter is just magical to me.)


I get to receive a package from Rachel of Heart of Light!! She is absolutely one of my most favorite bloggers -- you know, one of the handful where you're like, "Hey, if we weren't on opposite coasts, maybe we could grab coffee sometime?" Oh wait, that's creepy? Er, sorry.

But really, I do enjoy gorgeous simple photography + food + flowers, and she's got that a-plenty -- I can't wait to see what crafty goodness comes my way! I'll update later, and perhaps get to share some love via snail mail, too!

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Rachel said...'re not creepy at all!

Glad I got to help brighten up your week, my dear.

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