Monday, July 27, 2009

le sigh

photo by petra bindel/folio management/portfolio cph/elle interiör, via decor8

So, really, I'm not manic. Although, don't people sometimes fight their diagnoses? But ... It's just been a little more... politically charged here in the office atmosphere, and I'm so not a politics person. I have barely relinquished my need to have everybody like me, you know... I was just reminiscing with a friend about elementary school days, when we got along with + liked *everybody* and *everybody* liked me, too. I mean, why doesn't that happen nowadays? Everyone's told me to shake this off, and it's just business. But.. then why do I feel so bad? Boo.

This pile o' pillows + fire look fantastically comforting. Hot cocoa anyone? Minus that it's 100+ degrees outside? sigh.

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