Monday, July 27, 2009


via Anacasta's Corner, feat. Ingrid Michaelson, Take Me the Way I Am

Okay, no more whining. Since clearly my life won't be getting better with me just sitting and having a pity-party explosion (even if accompanied by pretty pictures :) ) -- how about a pact? Any one else out there feeling a little blue, let's all make a set of goals that are achievable -- something that stretches us just a bit, but we know we can check off :)

Here's what I'm going to do:

  • Bring my lunch every day this week;
  • Get into work by 8:15-8:30a this week;
  • Walk 20 mins at least 1x more, and 1x this weekend;
  • Close at least 5 cases at work this week;
  • Eat my produce before they turn bad;
  • Return my library books on time (due 8/10!);
  • Make 9 recipes out of Bobby Flay's Mesa cookbook, within 1 renewal :).

Hey, I didn't say my goals would be exciting -- I def don't need more drama at the moment :) nice & steady would be fab. But feel free to really reach out for something new + exciting if you like :)

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