Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Want to see what's made me smile lately?
{Kawartha Photography via Style me Pretty}

{Mrs. Gummi Bear & Mr. GB}
  • A cabinet of shoes? swoon.
  • This gigantic old-fashioned sofa bedecked in such a delightful print!
Design*Sponge, feat. toots & mango
  • Hee.
{Kate Harrison Photography}

  • This caption, following the vows said by Mr. Candy Corn to Mrs. Candy Corn: I love that our photographer caught Mr. Candy Corn looking at the officiant like “Did I do that okay? Should I just stick this paper in my pocket? Durrrr…” So cute.
  • Hee, this little cutie! (flickr search for "mocha" -- surprise :D!)

  • Okay, this is gonna be blind faith cuz I can't see the video in the post, but I *know* the code is here - but aw, I *love* this coreographed wedding party dance! Well, at least I know (1) a couple bridesmaids coreographed their part, and (2) the end (beginning with the groom entrance) was coreographed. I gotta say -- white guys dancing always makes me laugh :D

*And yes, this means that I do, in fact, do a little weddingbee stalking. I know I have a problem. But *why* should it be seen as a problem? It's fun! It's a community! Um, that's all I've got.

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