Tuesday, July 07, 2009

new look

Hee, what can I say? I'm a smidge ADD. I just can't decide what really captures me, and the focus of this blog (if there is one?). I love these colors. And fall colors. And I like being a bit more on the funky/modern fun side. But yet I love vintage dresses. And I really liked the paper clip on this, cuz the whole purpose of this is to "clip" all the pretties I see out there. Though I feel a bit guilty that I "take" and don't give back -- but hey, the real point of this blog was for me to be able to essentially keep on online "file" of everything I stumbled across + would want to see again! Like lots of wedding pretties :D, esp since I thought I might get another go at it :D And since that's on hold, but yet I'm still chugging along those beautiful gorgeous sites -- well, clip clip clip :) And, since this blog truly originated (versus its rebirth) as a way for me to cope while taking the bar, and I re-named it after the beautiful photo taken by my friend's husband, I had to figure out how to bring back the photo!

A-hem. In a nutshell, we'll see how long this sticks :)

Thanks, hot bliggity blog, for the new background bling :)

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lanak said...

Thanks for checking out my blog, I like the fact the blog has a little bit of everything! And the paperclips are great! ;)

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