Monday, July 06, 2009

Oral argument (but really, more polyvore love)

I don't know what's come over me, but -- while I am enjoying all the beauty out on the blogosphere, I've been a little uninspired as of late. Not to mention under a ton of deadlines. So, I want to say that this week will (again) be a little light on posts, but somehow, whenever I write that, tons of stuff ends up coming out of here :D And duh, the more pressure I'm under, the more I procrastinate, which = more posts.

But this time, I feel like I might be really serious about deadline pressure (yikes!) -- mostly b/c my hubs's family reunion is coming up, and I surprised myself with taking off Thursday + Friday instead of just Friday -- um, double yikes.

But -- I can't seem to stay off of polyvore :D

One of my friends + co-workers is arguing in New Orleans tomorrow (i think she just landed!) this case I got to brief in February -- it was my very first grown up, bound-in-red-cover brief! It's a pretty big deal + we were discussing shoes + suit underthings (cuz duh, that's what's important, right?) and so today is a little inspired by J :) (J, you're gonna rock it!)

First up: a suit I fell in love with. And check out that print! And of course, a stylish bun!
Oral Argument
And then next: I'm such a sucker for gray pinstripe suits. I looove them. And I'm loving ruffles. And what else says business but pearls? And rockin glasses, of course :D The shoe is not quite practical, but I snapped them a couple days ago, and seem perfect, no? Realistically, I'd go with a boxed-toe black pump, but hey, this is Polyvore-land :) And, that wristlet was too cute for me to pass up.

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