Monday, July 06, 2009

Weekend love

Shopping with the sister, who used her 10% employee discount for me :)


Pizza box, to house my bridal shower gift for the time-themed shower I'm attending in a couple weeks. That's right, I've got 2AM and am *packaging* for my assigned time :) The manager didn't look at me *too* strangely when I tried to explain (and scored my free, unused pizza box!!), and even offered an XL box (to house the set of sheets I was buying -- hey, it's gotta stay PG cuz Grammy and Moms are gonna be there!) -- what a rock fest.

And since we trekked across the hot parking lot all the way from Marshall's to the Papa John's, I treated my sis to a (cheap!) iced coffee :)


And then we all headed to TJ Maxx (where I scored a surprisingly hot black terrycloth halter coverup -- I know, lotsa adjectives right there, but man, it was awesome :D) and World Market (where we were supposed to just score some

but then also picked up some

And then we headed on over to the fabulously awesome pool party our friends were hosting. So. much. fun. So. much. food. These are the real photos. But alas, I am already at work + did nothing yesterday (didn't even schedule a post!), so maybe we'll share those later :D

Hope everyone else had a fabulous weekend :)

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