Thursday, July 02, 2009

Philippines love

I was *so* excited when this came up on my flickr account yesterday :D Crazy, I know. But hey, how often do you see tagalog? (PS: Technically, that means, "How are you?" And your response would then be, "Mabuti," for, "Fine" (I didn't learn how to say you're not doing okay...) and if you were feeling a litle more conversational, "Mabuti -- ikaw?" for, "Fine -- and you?"

Exciting, right? The only other things I can say are "full" (not even "I'm full") and "Let's eat." I don't know how to spell that last one, though.

I know, so shameful, right? But hey, at least you're learning right along with me :) I've got a Learn Tagalog! book at home, and I still haven't cracked that open yet... Okay, next goal on the list :)

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