Thursday, July 02, 2009

Sometimes you gotta treat yourself

{me... a little crazy-go-nuts with my discovery of flickr's picnik editing tool}

I was too eager to take a photo of these gorgeous roses I picked up last night for myself (hee) -- (1) I've been meaning to buy me some flowers cuz gosh darn I deserve them! I tried to tell the hubs, who apologized this morning for not having listened to my hints for flowers -- and I promised them that those really weren't hints, I really just hadn't gotten around to stopping by Whole Foods, who have the *best* selection of bunches for $10, seriously -- and so when I just said, "And your selection really isn't that great," without that explanation, that didn't quite go over well. A-hem. But really, stopping off at HEB or Walmart -- while it definitely gets the job done -- for some reason, their $9.99 bouquets just aren't as fabulous as Whole Foods. (I'll try to take a better picture -- but seriously! these are stunning!)

and (2) we had dinner with his cousin last night. (Sidenote: it was fabulous.) When I studied in Denmark & you went over to someone's house for dinner, I learned that you either brought chocolates or flowers. And there were gorgeous flowers *every*where for *cheap[ish], even gas stations! (Huh, now that I think of it, I wonder if that's a Danish thing or just my host family...)

Anyway, so I told her I'd bring her a bouquet, unless she'd prefer anything else. I know, most people bring a bottle of wine, right? but i swear she's an afficianado, and we have been on 2 wine-tastings and that's it. Experts we are not.

But anyway -- one bouquet for Angie, one bouquet for me! Woot :)

And PS: yes, this is the fabulous view from my office: a reflection of the Capitol via the mirrored window across from me -- double woot!

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