Thursday, July 02, 2009

Flower tutorial

Ever wonder what kind of flower is in a gorgeous bouquet? I'll admit, I don't usually because I figure I'll rarely have to request a certain type of flower. But education is always a good thing right? So if I stumble across the name of a flower, I'll try to include it here :)

Day 2 (since the first one was those benjamin billy buttons! see, clearly I need this tutorial)
Sweet peas! I never woulda guessed that these beautifully simple things were sweet peas (which sound much more humble, yes? vs. "simple" ruffles to me).


Both by Janie Medley Flora Design, of The Bride's Cafe; photographed by Katie Stoops


Sinta said...

Love sweet peas and Peonies! They are gorgeous :)

Anne @ The City Sage said...

Sweet peas are my number one flower! Especially since my mom used to call me sweet pea when i was a kid.

have a gorgeous weekend!

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