Saturday, July 18, 2009

TIME for a Bridal Shower!

{Martha Stewart Living, via Belle Maison}

Woot! Today's the day of T's bridal shower! It's that fun fancy time-themed one! Here's a pic of my gift, pre-wrapping:

Fun, huh? Man, I'm such an awesome friend -- mmm, sheets in a pizza box! I completely blame T + M for not having a fun pizza blade or pizza stone or pizza oven or something else that says 2AM post-bar-closing food. Maybe a deep-fryer, right? Except that's a smidge of a stretch -- cuz you're not gonna *fry* your food at 2AM (that would be *very* dangerous). But I did think that + a fun fried appetizers cookbook would be fab! But alas, there's no "Post-Bar Cookbook" or "Fried Foods Frenzy!" cookbook. Kids, we should get on that.


More fun: I scored some mega good deals yesterday since I didn't know what to wear to a 12 noon bridal shower at a country club (any guesses?). Will post those later, hope y'all are having a fabulous Saturday!

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Rachel Follett said...

Sounds so fun! I would imagine a cute floral dress or skirt would look really cute for a bridal shower at a country club. Can't wait to see what you come up with!

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