Sunday, July 19, 2009

May July Flowers

Rachel, you are genius! I also thought that floral would be perfect for a noon country club bridal shower! Okay, that and I fell in love with this skirt...Cute, right :)? I think I first fell in love with this floral print a month ago when I spied this Kensie dress in Lake Charles...

But the dress was $80 plus. And this skirt? Only $13.40!! From $44! Man, I love Kohl's and their crazy deals! I wasn't sure what to pair with it, until I was checking out + the cashier suggested purple flats (which I own, of course -- no joke) -- and I remembered this cute ruffled shirt I have! Thus...

With the wide belt, I figured it would have be tucked -- but unfortch, the ruffled top is one of those shirts that's loose fitting + then banded at the bottom. So surprisingly, not so good tucked in. But then I remembered I've got another deep purple tank + found a green sweater, and voila:

I'm so proud of myself! I admit: I was really thinking I would go with this number, which I picked up as a steal at $10.80!

Or, without the crazy detail (and do forgive the neon-ness, that piknic is too easy to go crazy with!)

But I was afraid it would be a bit too casual -- and really, my tan lines from the river trip last week aren't very attractive with this strappiness!

Skirt, Kohl's = $14
Sweater, Ann Taylor Loft (already owned, but still) = $20
Tank, H&M = $6
Heels, Goodwill = $13
Altogether: $53


And, while I'm all about praising myself :D -- a few weeks ago, I got to attend this cocktail party hosted by Yelp. With "cocktail attire" specified. Wa-huh? What is cocktail attire in Texas?

Lucky me, I was able to find a super cute dress for the magical price of... $12! Gotta love Marshall's! I didn't dig the skinny belt it came with (I unfortch am not that tiny + there weren't any notches to keep it on), and I dug out this wide black belt I've worn all of twice before. Paired that with the same heels above, and...

Ta-da! Let's ignore the awkward pose + facial expression. But, at $13 (shoes) + $8 (belt) + $12 (dress) + $6 (earrings) = $39 for the whole outfit (and only the dress was a new purchase!), I think I did pretty swell.

Ahhh, something about budget shopping + super scores is just so... satisfying/exhilirating, right :)?

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Anonymous said...

You look so cute! I never comment, but I am reading and I do love your blog...


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