Sunday, July 19, 2009

Betsey Johnson Fabulousness

So I know we've all seen this confection + loved it, right? Well, T yesterday was *rocking* this super fabulous Betsey Johnson dress that was *pure* *delight.* Like a fabulous cupcake, no lie: all sweetness + cute + clearly the perfect bridal shower dress, in my opinion. I told her she needs to figure out how to wear that dress more often, b/c she was *gorgeous* in it -- I forgot my camera, but here's an idea...
Or, for a smidge better quality but a bit more obscured:

CUTE! T emailed me a bit of a while ago to let me know Betsey was having a sale, but I stayed away (out of fear I'd buy *way* more than I should!) But pretending I had places to wear these, I'd snatch up T's dress + these below...

The shower itself was super cute -- pink + rose petals + a guest book + a purse hook for a favor (we get favors??) . With delicious food. And amazing cake. And it was *so* fun -- while T was opening her gifts, her sister had asked everyone to introduce themselves + say how they knew/met T + what time they had (and explain their gift if necessary).

My gift was... probably the lamest :D I think I was too literal on trying to stay PG for 2AM! Two girls who each had 4PM branched from the registry, and one made an awesome gigantically-huge tea gift basket -- I mean, this basket was like 2x3', filled with a tea pot + 3 teas + cookies + chocolates -- GORGEOUS. And my friend who also had 4P went for an early happy hour idea (hee!), and got this rockin shaker/mixed drinks barware set from Crate and Barrel and a cocktail book!

How awesome! Le sigh. Next time-bridal shower I'm attending, I am definitely going to think outside the box! (hahaha, get it?)

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Peonies and Polaroids said...

How fabulous are those dresses! I want, immediately.

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