Tuesday, August 18, 2009

BIA: hmm

{Real Simple}

I'll admit, I wasn't a huge fan of this ad at first. For some reason, it just made me so conscious (now watch out, I'm exposing my hyper-awareness-borderline-paranoia of gender stereotypes) -- but seriously, I could only think, "Why is Pam assuming a woman's doing the dishes + fighting this caked on crap?"

But, aren't I pausing because she's in construction gear? Which I generally associate with males? So maybe it's me that's terribly guilty of gender stereotypes?

Then I told myself to chill, it's an ad. And then it made me laugh out loud. Because I have *totally* felt this way, attacking dishes. (Sidenote: see, check out those white pants. What did I tell you!)

And is anyone else distracted by that yummy-looking banana bread? At least, that's what I assume that is :D


Anonymous said...

Looks llike meatloaf to me.

CaraBella said...

@Anonymous: gosh darn, that sure could be meatloaf. Ick, that takes away any fun/prettiness of this ad...

Rachel Follett said...

I think its banana bread. Well at least that is what it should be. My husband makes the best banana bread so I usually end up doing the dishes. :)

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