Monday, August 24, 2009

$$$ (Coffees... kinda)

Cupcakes & Cashmere

I strangely enjoy Emily of CupcakesandCashmere's Crave or Save series -- strange because I probably will never ever get to that Crave stage, but it's fun to see how you can find a budget-friendly version of a big ticket item. My friends (especially my college friends) know I am such a cheapskate, it's terrible. (Bee + Kay, I promise never to drag y'all multiple blocks + to multiple places just so I can save a $1 on coffee.) (See, aren't the rest of you horrified?) Sometimes, I get caught up in thinking, "Ugh, it is so not worth that extra $!" that I forget to think how much that $ amount itself might be worth -- whether that's time or effort or whatever else.

I tell myself I don't shop very often... but I think I keep sneaking things here and there. But every now and then, I wish I could just *note to myself somewhere* (that I can easily find!) when something is so not worth it. Or when something is. So sporadically, if you happen to find a similarly-titled post -- well, welcome to my Self Notes :)

Today's battle: McDonald's vs. Starbucks.

I know, trend, right? Well, maybe not trend. but specifically, we're comparing:

Iced Mochas

Medium McCafe: $3.03, including tax. Loads of (not exactly real-tasting) whipped cream. Um, big (i can't find the size), but only one size (medium?). Can be slurped down in 3 minutes.
Grande Starbucks: $4.06, including tax. Stays iced for a really long long time. Not really amenable to slurping down, not exactly sure why.

Both: not too sweet. Caffeinates great.

Winner: for me, McCafe. Sad, I know. But since both of these are so close to my office, I can get 4 McCafes for the price ofjust 3 Starbucks -- rock. Maybe I got a bad iced mocha this time, but yeah, it definitely didn't hit the spot like McCafe has before. Too bad the McCafe goes so darn quickly though...

And, while we're on the topic of coffees:

Iced Coffee. $2.75 for Starbucks grande, vs. $1.50-$2 for McCafe's medium.
Winner: Starbucks, hands down. That $0.75- $1.25 is totally worth it. McCafe is all over the syrupy sweetness, and the Starbucks budget version (that is, iced coffee vs. say, frapps or iced mochas) is soooooo tasty. A hint of sugar + cream, baby, that's all I need.

ahh, reviewing chains, I'm such a rockfest. And okay, i realize that this is all over, again, ~$1. But the difference is we're not walking around all over the place together. And this is mostly for my benefit -- unless there are others of you wondering about these cheapskate things like me :)

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Chelsea Talks Smack said...

hmmm i think Starbucks has my heart.

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