Sunday, August 02, 2009

Favor idea

Okay, I've just spent a crazy amount of time scheduling posts, and this week will be like wedding bonanza. Hee. What can I say, I must be attempting to retreat to my happy place. Or, you know, *finally* getting around to cleaning out my notebook, really. Ugh, and there's still so much stuff! Like, all these pretty pretty things that I didn't know where I'd put them for the SMP contest... duh, they're gorgeous! my, this might be another series. And then I couldn't procrastinate at work anymore by creating these darn things :D

Anyway, I saw this wine bottle in-lieu-of-guestbook idea... gosh, I cannot remember for the life of me. But then this photo was on the blog of who is probably one of my fave photographers (whoo, re-discovery!), mi belle inc. They're apparently having a baby boy in November (congrats!!) and all I can selfishly think is, "So does this mean less posts...?" Terrible, Self, you're awful! But I am a firm advocate of family + life before work, so congrats :)

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