Monday, August 31, 2009

Pei Wei Love, reciprocated

Okay. I know that's a lot goin on up there in the photo. So I'll break it down: 25% for online ordering (where available) for first timers at Pei Wei!

I already placed our order, for pick up when I get off work in an hour + 20 mins! What a rockfest. Oh jeez, there goes my goal to run a half-marathon in November.* I could have scheduled pick up for 20 mins after I placed the order, but hey, at least I can make my work goals, right?

*Well, realistically, we all know I probably wouldn't have :D I think I might go for the training schedule, though, just for something to aim for, and maybe there'll be another one nearby or something next spring? I know the Houston one totally sold out in like 2 days. But hey, any fitness plan would be great. We've got the 90x (PS90x? that's not right...) plan, but alas, have not started that either. Hmm, with love for deals like this, I wonder why that's not surprising...

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