Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Luck + Loveliness

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I was *so* giddy last night + Friday night, because the bestest packages *ever* came in the mail: *both* my swap packages from Oh, Hello Friend's Lovely Package Exchange, and a package from Rachel of Heart of Light!!

I'm the luckiest girl ever.
  • From Heart of Light's Rachel:Since I got both a mail key and the remaining package from my swap partner in my mail box today, I was so confused ... and then the door opened by the mail key revealed Rachel's package! And I think I literally squealed. A-hem.

And so I carefully opened up the package + saw Rachel's sweet note.

(Rachel: No apologies necessary, are you nuts? A shop launch + you still sent me a package -- I'm *so* delighted!).

And then absolutely started my happy dance when I saw this:

Well, technically, first, when I saw the hand-embroidered napkins, and then continued when I saw the meal-planning pad.

And then.

When I went to open the small brown box with yellow twined around it, I held it up to my husband and said that if it was one of these amazing headbands, I would die.

Luckily, I am still alive. (I know, I'm a terrible photographer. Perhaps I'll post pics if I re-take them during they day...)

Thank you soooo much, Rachel!

Now, in addition to that *lovely* surprise, I received...
  • From Sydney, in California:

No lie, I'm still reeling from the beautiful map-wrapped + be-ribboned package, plus Sydney's incredible incorporation of all my loves: food + baking/cupcakes (!) into stationaries, and also vintage dresses (paper doll dress, genius!); *such* pretty papers (and even wall covering swatches that will be delightful framed!); a journal; and ee, the colors everywhere! Plus super bonus points for an incredibly lovely feather/flower headband -- I had mentioned I'd been wanting to try this trend! Seriously: on Friday night, when I opened the box that her package came in, my heart broke a little, it was so crazy gorgeous-perfect :D -- does that even make sense?

Thank you, Sydney!
I'm thinking Sarah might be psychic. Tulips are my fave -- and I love the mix of fresh colors + patterns! And something about the simplicity of twine is fabulous in itself :) And her prints have this lovely warmth (we know I'm not a photographer and lack the proper vocabulary, but it's something in the tint itself to these floral prints that's so warm!), and truly, I think I'm framing her collage to add to my office. The stationaries + stickers are delightful -- but the psychic part comes in what I imagine is just sheer coincidence, but regardless: I was looking more closely at the beautiful bracelet she enclosed, with a delicate rose charm (sooo lovely). And when I flipped over the rose, I noticed a figure standing, with several other figures kneeling before her.

I am pretty sure this is my patron saint, whom I also chose as my confirmation namesake -- St. Therese of Lisieux, also known as "The Little Flower." In.credible, right? Maybe I'm wrong. Regardless, everything is lovely -- thank you, Sarah!

Well, ladies, thank you so much for the day-makers :) I'd love to spread the cheer I've received by sharing some loveliness (just a teeny little something I'll throw together), if anyone would be interested? Just comment or email me at handfuloftreasures {at} gmail {dot}com, with how you popped over, plus what are your favorite colors and favorite activity + thing(s) you love (like mine would be baking/reading/flowers/cupcakes!). One entry per person, randomly selected from all those sent by 5p by this Friday, 9/4. I'll contact the winner(s) by their email or blog... soon after :)

Have a fabulous Tuesday!


Rachel said...

Yay! I'm so glad you like everything. Aren't good mail days the best?

wildflowers said...

I just have to say again how happy I am to hear how you liked your package. I really can't thank you enough for the beautiful things you sent me :)

Lilpixie said...

I'm so jealous those packages are amazing!

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