Friday, September 04, 2009

{Happy Rehearsal Day, T}

Dear T,

I know you're SO excited about tomorrow, for the first day you will begin to share your life with M, as Mister and Missus.

We're all *so* excited for you, to have your someone to cherish you for the rest of your life. Okay, yes, technically, you're supposed to also be cherishing him for the rest of your/his life, too ;) -- and I know you will.

You are such a true model of strength, compassion, and fashionista-style before I ever even learned that was a word; of coming into our own + loving who we are; and you have a brilliance and radiance like no one else I -- or any of us Fab Five ;) -- have ever seen, truly.

{Jonilyn Photography on Southern Weddings}

And I know everyone thinks their friends deserve a love that is truly magnificent, a love that makes them even better a person than they are -- but truly, you are so special, and I wish this harder for you than anyone I know -- Not because you need the help :D, but because if M does this for you, then I know he's worth it, cuz you certainly love everyone so hard, you can't help but make us all better people :) So I hope you got some of that too ;)

{Todd Pellowe on Southern Weddings}

Here's to a fab finger-lickin'-good dinner tonight :), and a splendid day tomorrow + ever!
Hearts - me

Kellee Smith via Utah Bride Blog

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