Thursday, September 03, 2009

Shoe love...

So. I've been debating what to wear to T's wedding: 5p, cocktail attire, but outdoor ceremony and an indoor reception. I know 2, maybe 3 friends are in jewel-toned satin dresses -- but I just can't find any that work with my body type. And, yes, budget. I'm just a guest, and really, a fab cocktail dress would be great, but I don't have many cocktail events to attend.


Then I found this beautifully simple dress -- the same silhouette as below, just in brown.

And so of course I had to shop for shoes. And stumbled across these beauties that have nothing to do with the wedding.
Brian Atwood, Vita

Guillaume Hinfray, Dix Hut
Man, if I actually had (Barbie's) dress above, I'd totally go for those black d'orsays! A-hem, sorry, right, back on topic:

For my brown dress... I'm hoping for some blue fancies to summer-fy the dress...
Nina, Elke

But I bought a coordinating gold belt + will probably spring for some gorgeous goldies. Like...
Cole Haan Huarache + Air Eliana + Air Eliana
Caparros Frances, Annie Ester, LAUREN Ralph Lauren Aela

Nina Gita, Caparros Gorgeous
Nina Culver, Badgley Mischka Chaz
BCBG Max Azria Mirna, Pierre Dumas Excelent

Ooh, but check out this green!


And okay, this isn't a shoe, but look at this necklace! Love the dainty details..

Ann Taylor Loft

Oh, who am I kidding. I've been shopping all week, and have already scrapped the gold belt I mentioned above, made another belt, discovered I can re-purpose my ivory robe sash + add pearls for an uber-classic look, re-discovered a fabulous pair of 1"-heeled bronze-and-gold-beaded/sequined shoes (the pointy kind, I swear they're fabulous and not the least bit tacky)... and still I have no idea what I'm going to do.

If I were super productive, I'd take photos of each of these outfits. But I have to admit -- I am a smidge stressed with work, this never-ending shopping trip, and prepping for guests coming into town for the wedding! Cross your fingers for me that all this works out (which of course it will, but this is the fun kind of stress :)!)

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Abbie said...

You can never go wrong with classic and a punch of color. I have two pair of gold shoes that I wear to weddings all the time. They go with just about any dress, so the fact that I paid a small fortune at JCrew for the first pair is diminished by how many times I wear them. The replacement pairs, I bought on Ebay, and they're JCrew as well. Don't forget to use Ebates when you shop online, too... save $$$. That's my motto!!

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