Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Suuuper Want

ClutchThat @ etsy

The many-talented Rachel, blog-author of Lovely Clusters, had a *delightful* color-cluster post of blue & green -- and I fell in love. This is just goorgeous. If I didn't have to save up for some upcoming travel, this would be mine in a heartbeat. No, I have nowhere to use this. But who cares? That fabric is just sumptuous. le sigh.

Okay, and who am I kidding -- I'd *love* this too.
 by bethanylorelle @ etsy

At $47, that's not bad at all!  Um, if I were getting married or had another fancy event to attend.  Shoot, I'm already bidding on *another* lace dress, hee :) (yes, actually, it *is* very Adrianna Papell! or perhaps I should venture to say AP is going vintage...) 

And if only I were a smidge tinier + richer, I'd go for these, too!  super le sigh.

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