Sunday, October 11, 2009

30th Birthday Bash

Oh, P.Lo, I am *so* excited about your Angels n Demons themed 30th birthday bash!  Okay yes, Cops n Robbers is a close second.  But ooooh, I can *finally* wear a short white dress appropriately somewhere! And, duh, celebrate with you!  I'm so excited to hit up El Paso for the first time, too :) -- um, clearly, since since I've got these fab outfits planned 2 months in advance...

See, nice and simple for angelic sweetness:
Birthday Wishes from Angels

But then I saw *this* -- which showed up as a bold red on one computer, but a sort of burnt umber on another. Regardless, if I could pull off this outfit...

Have a Devilishly Fun Bday Bash!

Whoa whoa -- I went shopping after I'd scheduled this post :D  And I saw this dress ... well, similar to the one below.  For just $17 at Marshall's!  I am *such* a sucker for good deals... And the dress is just so darn flattering!  But that angelic headpiece above... oh, dilemma dilemmas :D
Have a Devilishly Good Time!

But, aside from living in the future :D -- what about for me, ringing in the big 2-8 today? I'm not gonna pretend that I really have style -- that J Crew sale just got me, and these pieces don't *exactly* go together -- but that tissue cardigan? And the ruffles? AND SILK SHORTS! le sigh.  And hey, it's not like fall ever really hits Texas!  Anyway -- aside from what may or may not be my fave outfit -- a low-key dinner, good coffee, yummy cake, and maybe a movie sounds like a great way to ring in my birthday :)

Birthday Fabulousness!

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