Saturday, October 10, 2009

More bday hilarity

So.  Here is what came in the mail today, one gift from the hubs -- But what makes it better is *absolutely* this video.  Seriously.

And then.

So, apparently my in-laws (mostly my sister-in-law and my husband's maternal aunt) were so taken aback that I've never been horseback riding (it's been on my list of things To Do since elementary school), my birthday is all about that :D  My sister-in-law asked me when I'd be free one weekend so she could take me riding :D, and THEN, today, I got the bestest photo-shopped card with me, all equestrian-styled up.

i. love. it.

man, birthdays are good.  Um, it seems no one really blogs this much about their birthday fabulousness, but what can I say, except apparently I *am* this ego-centric :D

.... hee! did you know that even Etsy will wish you a happy birthday!  hahahha, i totally heart me some bday love wherever I can get it :D

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